Drilling Services

Drilling Fluids Services

FUSL provides a complete range of drilling fluid solutions at our purpose-built, quay-side Liquid Mud Plant at the Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne, to meet a wide array of clients’ needs. We have Brine and Mud mixing pits and storage tanks for Oil- and Water-Based Mud, Brine and Drilling Base Oil and ancillary facilities for vessel loadings and direct delivery to client locations.

Our drilling fluids engineers are well trained with several years of experience in brine and drilling mud formulations. We also provide drilling fluid systems and related technologies on contract or one-off basis to the oil and gas industry in accordance with international standards and regulations for both onshore and offshore projects.

Wellbore Cleanout

Forte Upstream Services Limited’s full line of wellbore cleanout tools and displacement chemicals are utilized to remove drilling mud or other debris that can increase nonproductive time (NPT), operating costs, difficulty in running completions, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) risks. Our operators have competence in utilizing our range wellbore cleanout tools, whether in drilling a complex well on land or in deep water to clean out the debris left in the wellbore and eliminate remedial workover trips, downhole equipment failure, and  plugging of the formation that cripple production.

Our operations are anchored on best practice that achieves optimal production in line with our client’s objective.

Casing & Tubing Running

Forte Upstream Services Limited’s foray into casing and tubing is a natural progression in providing a one-stop shop for drilling services.

With access to high-grade casings, tubing and ancillary equipment, we are well placed to deliver our usually high standards in onshore and offshore terrains. We utilize time-tested casing and tubing running technologies.

Onshore solutions include casing and tubing running, pick-up and laydown technology and installation of control lines. Whether basic casing designs or complex well completions, Forte Upstream Service is committed to providing a safe and efficient service.

Solids Control

Forte Upstream Services Limited provides Solids Control and Waste Management services with the collection, management, treatment and safe disposal of cuttings generated when drilling a well and waste produced by the drilling fluid (mud).

Our Solids Control consists of two major areas:

1) Solids collection and control
2) Waste Treatment and Disposal

Our objective is to improve drilling and maintain drilling fluid properties through optimal efficiency as well as to minimize impact on the environment by salvaging as much of the drilling mud as possible and recondition same for use elsewhere.